One.two..three…upppp and down!

So I decide to exercise…

That is not in itself a bad idea but when you decide to do it with the military…that’s a different ball game.


Mann….bulging biceps, triceps and ‘legceps’ ( word for leg and calf muscles. Spectacular ones..I say so) everywhere…and tiny me so lost in there.

For a brief moment, I heard my heart give a startling yelp. Well I  almost turned back. Don’t know why I stayed.

Thirty minutes into the motions, I had to look around for reasons, a reason..any reason at all to continue the torture.

Then I found it…or her..( errmmm am a woman, in case you wondering)

In the curvy voluptuous body in front of me..( again, I am a woman)..the hourglass

My ‘minute’ glass body was motivated to keep going…..

Well I had heard the tired panting for ‘music’ instead of water and I thought I was imagining things until the music blared out of stereos.


Everybody was miraculously rejuvenated for like 5 minutes and then the ‘vim go vacation’.

Maybe it was because I love to dance but all the years of choreography and dance paid off.

Like a fish back in water…come see your girl!!! Adding twists and turns to the aerobic moves..mmm

I saw the instructor watch me approvingly but looking my somewhere oo…lol

All in all, it was fun and good for me..

Hopefully I turn up next week…

Till then I think I earned the right to say

One. two..three… uppp slowly, up and down!

Exercise and live well dearies…



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