Am I definitely imagining this or this is really happening?

Everybody is running away…Fast on their heels…

Running away… from the one thing that makes us human…


No body is 100% iron, there remains a bit of dusty iron ore…

I ask myself why we all are all afraid of being vulnerable – being true to our selves and our emotions?

Why is expressing vulnerability a subset of weakness?

Why are we running away from it?

As sad as it sounds, I really don’t blame no body..

I don’t know who started it, but I wish it ends.

I want to know the other person is being real to me, as much as IĀ  can go ahead and be real too…

I want to be safe in my vulnerability. Without feeling like there are a pack of hounds waiting to feast on me once I slip my tough exterior.

I want to look into eyes and see not painted facades but real persons…

I want to be human….

Do you?…..



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