Am I definitely imagining this or this is really happening?

Everybody is running away…Fast on their heels…

Running away… from the one thing that makes us human…


No body is 100% iron, there remains a bit of dusty iron ore…

I ask myself why we all are all afraid of being vulnerable – being true to our selves and our emotions?

Why is expressing vulnerability a subset of weakness?

Why are we running away from it?

As sad as it sounds, I really don’t blame no body..

I don’t know who started it, but I wish it ends.

I want to know the other person is being real to me, as much as I  can go ahead and be real too…

I want to be safe in my vulnerability. Without feeling like there are a pack of hounds waiting to feast on me once I slip my tough exterior.

I want to look into eyes and see not painted facades but real persons…

I want to be human….

Do you?…..




I looked out at the cars before me…how on earth could there be traffic where there was none just few minutes ago, and my late self was stuck right in the middle of it – I was bound to miss the bus!

I fussed, fumed, prayed and all, the only thing I could not do was turn into a pillar of salt-That’s what waiting does right? Keeps us right where we don’t want to be.

You know what, it took some minutes for me to keep fuming, some more minutes to take out my purse, take some notes and coins out of it and some minutes more to hand it over to the dear driver.

But the minute I opened the door and stepped out in one fluid motion, the traffic gave out…(kr!!)

The cars started moving….and before I could say jack. The taxi was wheezing past the bus stop I wanted to be…imagine the look on my face..

“You just had to be a ‘minute’ more patient.”

“I bet You couldn’t resist this lesson Lord”

Most times in our lives, our stuck situations are about to loosen up, things are just about to get real better, our lives are about to move real smoothly…till we jinx it up  with our impatience!


Learn to Wait!!!

I must confess waiting comes with the most uncomfortable feeling of stagnant,delay and despair, but this is where you are stretched and molded in the believing, trusting Christian the Lord seeks.

It’s bound to look helpless and feel like the world is moving on without you and passing you by…

But I know one thing that does not move nor pass away – the Word of GOD

and He says ‘Though it may tarry….(Habakkuk 2:3) and ‘Do not be anxious for anything..(Philippians 4:6) for He the Lord will fix that need..(Philippians 4:19)

All things will work for your good…

The appointed time is coming…that delay in your expectations and dreams is to help you value that blessing or that change you so desire…and oh, it is coming. Just around the bend…

Don’t get out of your waiting area for a quick fix…

Don’t leave that Taxi!!


Till next time,

Chayil said it….



Loving our enemies is perhaps one of the most unrealistic things Jesus asked us to do..

Scanning the enemy database: who to love?

The guy who cheated on you and run away with your best friend,leaving you at the altar ?

The lady who said all those horrible things about you and is always scheming to get you into trouble?

The person that despises you for no solid reason?

That person you so wish something bad would happen to?

who to love?

Well, no one said doing what the Lord wills was going to be easy…

You will need to be a professional Christian for this one…

Don’t pray to God to eliminate your enemies because, Spoiler Alert! He put them there in the first place.!!

He put the Israelites into captivity in Babylon and asked them to pray for and seek the good will and peace of the Babylonians. Their captors! Why? Because their peace depended on the peace of their enemies…PRAY FOR YOUR ENEMIES (Jeremiah 29:1-7)

Realize how hating them, plotting against them or secretly loathing gives you more emotional exhaustion and heartache than you can bear?

Here how to do it..

Greet them

Do good to them (Luke 6:27)

Refuse to speak evil of them (Luke 6:58)

Thank God for them

AND ask that they be blessed.. When they are doing well, you are better off…

David refuse to kill Saul, even when he got his chance..He called him Anointed…YOUR ENEMY IS ANOINTED BY GOD to function!..seriously..

Joseph needed his enemies to work out God’s plan for his life(1 Samuel 24:4-6,16-17;26:7-10)

Paul needed his ‘thorn’ to explore sufficient grace (1 Corinthians 12:7-9)

Jesus could had smacked the devil ‘straight outta Judas’ but this enemy (Judas) was necessary for God’s purpose of salvation.

So next time when you tempted to set your enemies on fire with some blows and spiritual fire bolts, try asking the Lord to love them through you…surely there will be remnants of that Love in your heart.

Besides, you will need those ‘enemies’ when God sets your table…its not that easy to recruit new spectators for your glorious table setting..(Psalms 23:5a)

Till we meet again..










What to be….

You remember how different the university was from the mental images our school moms and ‘seniors’ gave us during  homecoming?….

University  was clearly not all fun and folk music…even the independence was costly.

the confusedSame way no body actually told us much about life after the university or college. We just assumed it will be all fun nights out with lots of money rolls to lavish, chic and nice outfits -for the ladies and superb suits – for the gentlemen.

Nobody said anything about the great realization that hits you in the face, the realization that you are your own person, your future is in your hands..

It does not help that most often you don’t really know what it is you would want to do.

But one thing is for sure…

The Creator’s storyline is always complete. His lead character (you) will have to trust that He has you marked for an expected end.

Trust in the Lord, even when the chapters do not make sense.

Trust in the Lord, especially when there are too many twists and turns.

Believe its all for the grandest ending.

Trust in the Lord, with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.(Proverbs 3:5)




One.two..three…upppp and down!

So I decide to exercise…

That is not in itself a bad idea but when you decide to do it with the military…that’s a different ball game.


Mann….bulging biceps, triceps and ‘legceps’ ( word for leg and calf muscles. Spectacular ones..I say so) everywhere…and tiny me so lost in there.

For a brief moment, I heard my heart give a startling yelp. Well I  almost turned back. Don’t know why I stayed.

Thirty minutes into the motions, I had to look around for reasons, a reason..any reason at all to continue the torture.

Then I found it…or her..( errmmm am a woman, in case you wondering)

In the curvy voluptuous body in front of me..( again, I am a woman)..the hourglass

My ‘minute’ glass body was motivated to keep going…..

Well I had heard the tired panting for ‘music’ instead of water and I thought I was imagining things until the music blared out of stereos.


Everybody was miraculously rejuvenated for like 5 minutes and then the ‘vim go vacation’.

Maybe it was because I love to dance but all the years of choreography and dance paid off.

Like a fish back in water…come see your girl!!! Adding twists and turns to the aerobic moves..mmm

I saw the instructor watch me approvingly but looking my somewhere oo…lol

All in all, it was fun and good for me..

Hopefully I turn up next week…

Till then I think I earned the right to say

One. two..three… uppp slowly, up and down!

Exercise and live well dearies…


Memories…best lived or captured??

So I wrote about this before. But I just had to do visit this again…

This trend creeping into the society, I wonder if I just was too young to know of its existence – or I was just naïve to the core.

A woman would send her pictures to a man knowing it will turn him on, while another will send it because the man asked for it, well, sometimes demand for it.

She is hesitant at first, he keeps at it, he makes claims of neglect or no real love, then she caves in – ‘guiltfully’.

But whether willingly or forced, she’s left herself exposed and in a break up, case of phone theft, or even hacking, she is in trouble.

The few will sympathize, the masses will judge but it is her life that is tainted.

Dude, if you really love that woman, don’t let your minute satisfaction come before her.

Its true these pictures make up for some awol or MIA time, but ask yourself, will it be worth it if your woman was out there in the limelight, not for an award but a painstakingly life altering negative focus and you are the major role and character in her life’s tragic comedy series (trust me people will laugh and some will keep coming back for new episodes)images

And you hitting that send button, that woman is also someone’s sister, daughter, mentor, role model…don’t make her one mistake be her end. Be kind. It could be your sister in pixels and another hitting the button.

The truth is, the best memories, I believe are never captured on camera.

There will be captured right where they should be…

Our eyes behold the details and our souls keeps them in the vaults where they should have been in the first place…..IN OUR HEARTS

Hey there… I am Chayil

So I have been meaning to do this forever…

Hey we are writing this , no editing…promise? Oh, not you.. I was talking to me…ermm..I sought of do that loads.

Just here to talk and free those words bundled up inside… been choking me…literally!

Welcome and let’s do this!

Now I meant you!